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According to the guest request, We have offered best price and service to the domestic and foreign customers for a long term, including customizing shape, various specifications size and tool mould seriously depend on detailed drawing design for customer . Adopt rotomold craft to manufacture products ,aimed at different size, complex shape, difficult with assembly and structure, which is impossible craft in other plastic field. Mould : aluminum alloy mould require very high, does not allow to leave the porosity, sand holes on the surface, ,and can do multiple dermatoglyph processing on the surface defects.mold is simple, cheap, and suitable for forming large plastic Plastic:1. It is good for many varieties, small batch plastic products manufacturing. 2. forming complex shape of products and composite products. 3. Products wall thickness, no juncture, no residual force, no distortion for a long time. 4. Change color easy, if you want to change color, just cleaning mould can. [Detailed]
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